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Own Your Lane

The 7-Step Roadmap to Get Visible, Build Your Brand, and Become an Industry Authority

by Michelle B Griffin

Standout Women, personal branding for women

Own Your Lane™

It's not just a book; it's a movement

 The step-by-step roadmap for female entrepreneurs to get visible, build personal brands and share their thought leadership to accelerate their message, mission, and businesses forward. The book guides you step-by-step to Own Your Lane™ with The Brand GPS, the all-in-one-personal branding, personal marketing, and personal PR system for visionary women in business.

Powerfully Position Yourself...

Are you a female consultant, coach, author, speaker who wants to reach the next level but feels lost? Imagine having a clear roadmap to become a leading voice in your field: 
With this roadmap, you can:
→ Feel clear, credible and competitively advantaged
→ Become a magnet to ideal clients and industry opportunities
→ Confidently "Own Your Lane" and profit from your zone of genius:

✓ Speaking on stages
✓ Guesting on podcasts
✓ Publishing your expert book
✓ Launching your expertise podcast
✓ Amplifying your work with PR and media

 It's All Possible When You Own Your Lane™

 BECOMe A visIble brand authority 

The Four Phases of Owning Your Lane™

Own Your Lane with The Brand GPS™ my proprietary and proven thought-leadership focused system that positions women experts into visible authorities. Clarify your brand, simplify your message, and amplify your expertise across wider circles to become a sought-after standout in your industry.

PHASE 1 - P.Y.O.T. - Decide to "Put Yourself Out There"

Growth starts when you're ready to make yourself visible with a powerful online presence, with the right mindset, motivation, and momentum to up-level your transformative work and ideas.

PHASE 2 - PURPOSE - Discover Your Unique Identity

Find your unique path based on who you are, not just what you do, aligned with your personal values, professional vision and unique differentiation and thought leadership frameworks.

PHASE 3 - PRESENCE - Develop Your Authority Brand

Boost your visibility, influence, and impact online with an authentic brand and digital assets that establish your foundation as a thought leader.

PHASE 4 - PLATFORM - Deploy Your Thought Leadership 

Learn to amplify your story in wider circles and platforms through books, speaking, podcasts, PR, and more to expand your reach and influence.

Everything you need to

up-level yourself and

your Expert business

Own Your Lane™ is a book with interactive teaching, an actionable guidebook, and inspiring stories of women on their journeys. 
Learn how to not just be seen but stand out with a personal brand that makes a statement, makes a profit, and makes a difference!
Standout Women, personal branding for women

When You Own Your Lane, 

You'll Never Feel Lost

Hi, I'm Michelle aka The Brand Therapist℠ and founder of Standout Women We haven't met yet but I can bet on this: you're brilliant at what you do but may need more clarity, visibility and a foundational plan to share your expertise, create more impact, and influence more people. 

That's why I'm writing Own Your Lane™ —- it's the book and roadmap I needed when I was stuck and ready to put myself out there for greater impact, influence and income. And it's the exact system that's helped my clients build their visibility, personal brands, and thought leadership to move their message, mission, and businesses forward. 

This book will teach you to get unstuck, get clear and stand out confidently as you shape your brand, build your thought leadership and amplify your message with PR to build influence, impact, and profit.

I'm so excited to share this book creation journey with you. Be sure to sign up below for my VIP Insiders Loung and exclusive updates on my book and author journey. I'd love to hear from you as well.

It's Your Moment...Let's Go There Together,

Michelle B Griffin, The Brand Therapist, Personal Branding Consultant, Coach and Speaker for Female Founders
Michelle B Griffin, The Brand Therapist, Personal Branding Consultant, Coach and Speaker for Female Founders


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