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Standout Women Media is the go-to thought leadership building platform for women experts to position themselves into visible authorities for greater influence, impact, and profit.

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We empower and equip women expert entrepreneurs ready to stand out and own what's next. Become more vocal, visible, and valued sharing your transformative work and ideas for greater impact, influence and income.

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We amplify the positioning and visibility of women experts so they're not just seen, but stand out as industry authorities 
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Standout Women Media is a platform to empower and equip you to 'own your lane' by building your personal brand, visibility, and thought leadership to make a statement, make a profit and drive change.

We provide resources, training, and events for impact-driven woman experts (founders, entrepreneurs established service professionals, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants) to powerfully position themselves as industry authorities 

We're the go-to personal branding and PR LinkedIn training platform to launch women experts into visible authorities in their fields.

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Connect and grow with women experts through our educational and empowering events.



Personal branding, PR and LinkedIn visibility resources to Own Your Lane™ of opportunity



Interviews, coaching and stories to amplify women experts into visible authorities



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why this matters

As women in business, we often face challenges with clarity and self-confidence in our identities and abilities. This self-doubt can lead us to undersell and undervalue ourselves, reducing our visibility and limiting our impact, influence, and potential earnings, despite our abilities and experience.

Standout Women is here to shift this narrative. We empower you to confidently Own Your Lane™ by helping you discover your purpose, build your presence, and amplify your platform as a roadmap to success. By powerfully positioning yourself as a visible authority in your field, you accelerate your journey toward greater fulfillment, profitability, and impact in your business.

the visibility roadmap for standout women 

Own Your Lane Book- October 15,  2024

Standout Women, personal branding for women

Own Your Lane™

It's not just a book; it's a movement

 The step-by-step roadmap for women experts to build personal brands, visibility and thought leadership to create impact and accelerate their businesses forward. The book guides you step-by-step to Own Your Lane with your Brand GPS, the all-in-one-personal branding, personal marketing, and personal PR system.

Michelle B Griffin, Founder

Hey there, I'm Michelle, aka The Brand Therapist℠ and founder of Standout Women Media. I know first-hand the challenges women face o get out there in a bigger way. I've been there, feeling unclear, unconfident, and unsure how to put myself out there.

Nothing pains me more than seeing impact-driven women experts miss out on opportunities. That's why we're a movement to Own Your Lane™ and shape more visible women in business.

Standout Women Media equips you to grow your visibility and authority by being featured in the media, speaking on stages, guesting on podcasts, and even writing books to grow our impact, influence, and businesses.

Together, we're turning visibility into action with profitable and impactful opportunities, so we're not just seen, but stand out in our fields.

Let's go there.

Michelle B Griffin, founder Standout Women


the four pillars

Own Your Lane

How to Powerfully Position Yourself

PYOT - Decide to Put Yourself Out There

Growth starts when you're ready to make yourself visible with a powerful online presence, focusing on the right mindset, motivation, and momentum to up-level your transformative work and ideas.

PURPOSE - Discover Your Unique Identity

Find your unique path based on who you are, not just what you do, with your personal values, professional vision and unique differentiation and frameworks.

PRESENCE - Develop Your Authority Brand

Achieve greater visibility, influence, and impact with an authentic and aligned brand and digital assets, creating a foundation for your thought leadership online.

PLATFORM - Deploy Your Thought Leadership

Learn to amplify your story in wider circles and platforms through books, speaking, podcasts, PR, and more to expand your reach and influence.

Our Core Values

  • Empowerment: We believe in teaching women to powerfully position themselves by embracing and standing out in their uniqueness.
  • Impact: We are committed to helping women make a positive change for themselves, their families, businesses, communities, and beyond.
  • Enjoyment: We embrace fun, laughter, and lightness, balancing work with carefree moments.
  • Clarity: We see self-awareness as a superpower that ignites women to know and share who they are, not just what they do.
  • Visibility: We emphasize the importance of not just being seen, but standing out to seize opportunities create impact, and achieve success.
  • Authority: We emphasize the value of sharing knowledge to establish authority and cultivate thought leadership. 
  • ProfitabilityWe champion abundance for women, affirming their worth and the compensation they truly deserve for their work and ideas.
  • Philanthropy.: We believe in the power of giving our time, money, and knowledge to create positive change and leave a lasting impact.

free audio masterclass

Stop Holding Back! How to Amplify Your Visibility and Own Your Lane for Your Expert Business

Ready to Own Your Lane™ of opportunity, impact, and outcome? This audio masterclass, The 3 Steps to Stop Holding Back, Amplify Your Visibility and Own Your Lane of Authority, will help you overcome imposter syndrome, bet on yourself and put yourself out there to become seen, heard and recognized as a visible brand authority for your expert business.

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Michelle B Griffin, founder Standout Women